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PiGreco in the Festival Comunità Educante in Faenza

Since 2017, in Faenza and its close by municipalities, one week is dedicated to reflect about the current situation in Education. The Festival Comunità Educante, which was born from the sentence “To educate a child, an entire village is needed”, organize a huge big amount of activities in order to makes kids and teenagers participate in the cultural atmosphere present in our city. Associations, cooperatives, parishes, youth groups, sports clubs… Everybody who, in some way, takes part in the big world of Education, also takes part in this week.
From PiGreco, S.E.M.I and Informagiovani, we have organized a playful and linguistic
workshop on European cultural heritage. As you know, different volunteers from several countries of Europe will spend one year in Faenza, so this is a very good opportunity to explain to local youngsters more about their own culture. In different groups, teenagers from 14 to 20 year old will participate in activities which will let them know more about Greece, Lithuania, France, Hungary, Finland and Spain. As we always do, activities have been prepared thinking about the fun and enjoyment of the participants.

The workshop will be done on Tuesday 13th between 16 and 18h in Via Cavour 7
(Cloister of Palazzo Ex-Cova). If you want to know more, you can visit the link to the
Facebook event:
Can´t wait to see you there !

More information about FCE:

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