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The adventures continue 2

Ciao, ragazzi! I haven’t been here for the last ~2 weeks, so I have many things what to talk about with you, people! As usually, all my weeks starts the same now: office, school/doposcuola, casa… As a person with unpredictable minds and wishes I wanted to find activity for challenging myself more, sooo…. I found rock climbing! (bonus with that – a big colorful as a Galaxy bruise on my leg) I was thinking about more „girly“ courses (for example, dances), but later I thought – I can‘t lie to myself, since childhood I liked to do various, sometimes weird, stuff. It is amazing way to feel as a spider-woman and the best kick to speak in my broken Italian (because, people in Italy doesn‘t speak English so much, and if someone in a gym tries to speak with me in this language, our amazing coach man starts to scream: no no no, no Inglese, lei parla bene italiano! ). Well, that‘s how I am improving my speaking in Italian: trying to survive on the wall, trying to explain what kind of food I want to order, trying to understand which way to go and many other options. Oh oh oh, and singing nel blu dipinto di blu during the lessons too! 😉

„I will never be a teacher“ – one Lithuanian girl said once. But sometimes life turns upside down and surprises you. Last week, two days in a row, I went to the primary school as the observer (because in a few months, when I will be able to speak Italian more fluently I will have few projects there). I was accompanied by English teacher and participated in 6 lessons (of the 1st-3rd classes). Kids were interested in me: who is she? Does she speaks Italian? Is she a British? Is she your daughter? And not only the kids, the colleagues of my supervisor were asking her: who is that beautiful blonde with you??… Well, probably, as long as I am a very light skin blond with blue eyes, I will continue to answering to the question „where are you from?“  That‘s why I was happy to find some Italian kids with light hair during the lessons – I am  not the only one, hahah!

Doposcuola, doposcuola, doposcuola Another kick for me to improve my Italian language and get to know about Italian education better (for example, how to explain math in lines without using „x“, equation or other figures…).

While we are in another country, we want to explore it, get to know the culture and meet new people or international friends from a long time ago, yes? That‘s how one weekend with other volunteers I went to explore Rimini, get lost in the markets and taste amazing pizzas! Yes yes yes, „food“ can be my second name. 🍕 🍕 🍕

And the next, a little bit longer, weekend I went to Assisi! 😍 A small town on the mountains in Umbria region. 😍 It was around ~5hours trip by trains with two transfers. It wasn‘t very comfortable option, but if I want to meet my friends (especially, after few years) I will walk that distance too. After spending couple of days in the mountains, olive fields, in various churches, walking around, tasting delicious food and etc., on Sunday I had to come back to Faenza. With some snacks in my hand from Italian grandma‘s (aww, that sweet nonna) I was taken to the train station. Thanks to the some technical issues in the train, I completed just 2/5 my return trip. After 25 minutes of delay and 1 hour of sleeping in the train – I woke up. The #trenitalia train stopped in the middle of nowhere – outside is already dark and internet sometimes doesn‘t work so well – google maps don‘t wanna show my location. After some time of not moving we were informed (in Italian, of course) that the train‘s engine broke down and we will come back in the previous station. Train was full of passengers (most of them as me, had connections), luggages and worriness. When I finally got out of the train – I was able to know where I was, but… Due all of this delay, I missed my connection to Faenza and after few hours I saw my friend again. I didn‘t expect to see Assisi so soon! Well, not all the bad things are the worst, yes? The destiny gave me another night in Assisi and opportunity to send couple of postcards to my family in Lithuania. 🍂 🇱🇹

And… A short break in Firenze while coming back from Assisi to Faenza ☺️☺️☺️

😊 Greta, Lithuania. 🇱🇹

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Hello everyone, how are you doing?

 I am writing it while drinking my CoffeNespressoExpress, which is a very small portion of coffe in a very small spresso cup. It’s 9:23 in the morning and I am enjoying my life while writing about what we are doing now, even if it’s just drinking coffe, talking about random staff; talking about what did we ate yesterday, about in which ‘stop’ of ther market we can find three pairs of socks for 1 euro. While talking about it, we end up about remembering what we did the last Saturday…

We had all said about going to Bologna a few days ago but we never found a day because all my partners were always busy. It was me, Ángel Jesús Jiménez de los Santos with Jacqueline Jiménez Kimani al Padrino and Alkione Kato Kimura del Río di Pariggi  who went together to Bologna with a friend of her who came the day before from Firenze.

First of all, we took the train in Faenza’s station and went stright to Bologna with a very few stops. When arrived there, we found and enormous book market in which we stopped and bought some books. They were all second hand books and many of them were if like they were new.

Then, we went to have a coffe in a very small turkish café where we really enjoyed our Capuccino and our relax-awakingup-moment before started a long walk all arount the city: we went to the Via Indipendenza ( and the Piazzola ), then to the Sant Pietro and of course we couldn’t miss the Piazza Maggiore.

Later we went for lunch to the Osteria dell’Orsa ( probably the most famous resutaurant in the city ) but it was so full that we had to give up until it reopened at 17:00. We had lunch at 17:30 ( I never had had dinner so early ) and I really felt like a real Dutch or Suiss person for it.

Then we went for a walk in which we visited all the Bershka’s, Zara’s, H&M, Parfois, Pharmacies, CONAD’s and all the market’s we could find. I have to admit that I got lost in that endless market between the crowd. A very big CROWD, an extrem crowd who made me feel like I enjoyed a little less Bologna and that deffinetly made me think that I would come back in a day of the week.

Finally, we ended up running like if we were in the Olimpics of Tokio 2020 to our way to the train station because we hadn’t seen the time it was and we were almost about the lose our train. While running, we felt very italians: we ignored all the traffic lights so that we could reach the train while dodgins all the crazy cars.  

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The adventures continue

So… three weeks passed since my arrival in Faenza. This time – no pumpkin. I got a roommate and she cut my pumpkin… That’s what happens when in one house are living 3 girls from different countries. But oh well, we baked a pie from it.
I am still getting a daily surprise from this little town. For example, no ice cream for Monday??? 😲 😲 😲 I wanted to start the new week in a sweet way… There is a little and cozy gelateria in front of our apartment, but seems like that place doesn’t like Mondays. Well, who does?

Since all the volunteers from both organizations (PiGreco & SE.M.I) are here, we are getting more involved into our tasks and Italian living way. Last week all of us started Italian language lessons in the school (it’s interesting feeling when you are graduated from university and you have to back to the school. But if we want to teach the kids we have to learn something too, aren’t we? No one is perfect). I even bought a book, written in Italian… Good luck for me.

1st time in the doposcuola (after school) … A little bit nervous, because of the language’s barrier. Here comes help from Google Translate and other foreigners’ people. But it’s okay, soon I will be able to speak more fluently in Italian. 😉 😜 😉 Before jumping into homework and other studying stuff, in doposcuola we are starting the day with a little game (every day is a different one), which helps kids to improve their English. That time we tried “Guess who?” with various superheroes and other characters from the cartoons (kids had to make various questions with answers no & yes which will describe their character and then try to guess).

Maybe we look angry, but the truth is… The right side of the face doesn’t like the camera.

How to finish a week in Faenza? I mean, does this town ever sleep?! Last weekend we attended the “MEI festival” – probably, I haven’t seen so many people in Faenza before! Various music all day long… Don’t get me wrong – I am not complaining, I am still feeling like living in some kind of fairy tale here: the park with animals (chickens, ducks, peacocks…), a lot of bicycles, many many many puppies here too! If you are looking for a nanny for your dog in Faenza – please contact me, I will be happy to host him/her for a day, week, month or for the whole year! 😍 ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎

Sometimes it’s too hard to stay in one place, you know that feeling? That’s why this weekend few members of “PiGreco & SE.M.I” family went to Bologna! We got a little bit lost in the “never ending market”, in the crowd of people, but at 8PM in the evening we managed to catch the train  💪 😂 .

See you in a week or two, I will learn more words from Italian menu 😉. A presto!

Flag: Lithuania on Facebook 4.0

Greta, Lithuania.

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First day of afterschool

Today we had the first ‘doposcola’ ( after school class). Well, not actually the first. The first for me, but not for the kids and the other volunteer: Maria Jesús Mercedes Gonzalez. She is also from Spain but she is doing a diferent project from – Erasmus + – called ‘intership’ here with us for 4 months. She is specialized in children with disabiliaties.

I went to pick up Maria Jesús ( Susi – for the friends ) from her appartment so that she could show me the way to go to the doppuoscola.

I was shocked when we ended up in a inner courtyard that seemed anything but not a school. We crossed the garden and we found a small-veryvintage-red-door who leaded to many other dors -all of them as vintage as the first one- which opens the class where the lessons are given.

Ours was the first one and we found Laura there: she was writing down the names of the kids in a piece of paper so that they could know -when arrive- where they have to sit.

We inmediatly prepared the class. On Monday and Wednesday we have Study Skills and we prepared a game called ‘Flash-Cards’ which is basically to learn words in english basing it on the words the kids would like to learn on the field they are more interested about.

We were one tutor and two volunteers for the 3 hours of class with 7 kids. It’s really nice to have several persons taking care of them and helping them on what they need more in each moment.

Each of us is better in one field and -after having finished the first hour of ‘study skills’ – we help them doing their homework and studying. So for exemple:      I am better in lenguages than maths, so that’s why I let the maths to another of my partners and I focus on helping them in english or spanish homework.

I quickly found out that many of them have some problems in what concerns to the study: dislexia, discalculia, hiperactivity…or simply they are not very motivated with the school.

That’s why we are there: to help them to find back their motivation for studing but also for making them feel good at what they do, to make them feel and see that they can also be brilliant with a bit of efort.

So it’s still too soon to tell more about this to you… But we definitively will.

Keep in touch 😊

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New pumpkin in the town!

Just a small town girl decided to start the new adventure in her life. To earn 2 degrees wasn’t enough – she wanted something more. For example, to move to another country. Volunteering is a quiet good opportunity to do that, isn’t it? After being selected to the “Everybody is learning” project she took a midday connecting flight from Vilnius to Bologna. Just before landing she noticed that there are a lot of fields in this region – just like in her native Lithuania. Maybe she won’t be homesick there.

Just like home.

2019/09/24. Welcome to the land, where the morning starts with a cup of espresso. It’s quiet funny when this una ragazza lituana doesn’t like coffee (yes yes yes, everyone is thinking that soon she will start to like it, but believe me it’s not the first time when she tried to fight with herself). “Io non parlo italiano” – probably, the most used her sentence so far. But if you are really hungry – nothing will stop you from ordering a pizza.

From the first sight this little town, called Faenza, looked a little bit as from the Medieval ages – huge doors, cobblestone and narrow streets.. No, witches doesn‘t fly here with brooms either. But that is charming. It’s like a time travelling. You know when parents are saying to their kids: “be careful in the street!”? Here is similar. But probably, in this town is a bigger possibility to be hit by a bicycle, not the car.

Benvenuti in Italia.

So, the exploration starts. Feeling a little bit lost in the new place, this Lithuanian pumpkin took the map in her hands and started to walk. Somewhere. Through and around the city.

Which way to go?
One way or another…

Just like that she reached even another town, called Ravenna, full of various Basilicas and mausoleums.

Piazza del Popolo.
Dante’s Tomb.

Although Faenza isn‘t a big city (around 60k inhabitants), it doesn‘t mean that here there is nothing what to do and that silence prevails all along the town as in the oldschool Western movies. Unless in the afternoon, around ~12:00 – 15:00… At this time most of the shops and other places are closed. These working hours makes you to learn to use your time wisely. Or makes you a little bit angry. Or suggest you to take a power nap after the lunch – it‘s up to you. But… How can this little girl be mad when she found the ice cream, named after her? Okay, maybe not after her, but the name is the same…  And when musicians are playing right under the window until the midnight..? Smile won‘t be leaving the face for a long time…

Buskers festival.
I am telling you – this is the time machine!

A presto!  

Greta, Lithuania.

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Useful materials for learning the Russian language


As I have mentioned before, one of my personal projects was “Russian Courses”. Even though in the end I had only one student, we found it useful. That’s why I would like to share with you the list of free materials to learn and practice Russian language.

1. Learn Russian Fast

This book contains a lot of reading activities and explains the grammar in a short and concise way. Can be useful for learning the vocabulary with translation into English

2. Russian as a Foreign Language

There is a useful table for learning Russian Cases. Also, there are a lot of phrases and conversation topics that can serve to improve your speech.

3. Phonetic Games and Exercises

If you are a beginner and starting to learn the language from the A1 level, so you will definitely need to use this book to get to know the phonetics.

4. Learning Russian

This one will provide you with plenty of texts and specific vocabulary for particular topics.

5. URA! Russian for English Speakers

There are some exercises to learn some basics in Russian. It may be useful on the first lessons.

6. Learn on Your Own

If you want to practice your grammar knowledge, you should definitely look through this book and complete the numerous exercises.


Finally, this website is super good to practice overall your Russian language skills.

I hope, these resources will help those who wish to learn that beautiful language!

Farida, Azerbaijan