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Call for Volunteers!

Hello dear all, we are looking for a volunteer (from any European country) to spend 12 months in PiGreco learning center in Faenza (Italy)!

ESC in PiGreco –> Our volunteers share their experience

Infopack – Learning is Fun

The mentor talks about the organization:

Supporting organizations:

Call for volunteers: 

On the European Solidarity Corps portal:

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Today it’s 4.6.2020 and today it’s Angelina’s (Angelina Jolie ) birthday. As I am a big fan of that woman not only for her unconditionally talent as an actress but also about how good she is with her humanitarian work in the ONU for embassor of refugees, and many other exploits.

So I thought it would be a beautiful day for writing a new post in the blog, and also, it’s raining and I feel like a poet while writing this, listening to the rain fall outside the open window here, in the office. Life here in Faenza is amazing, I love it and I love it a little bit more every day. I don’t want this year to finish. We are already in June and I am sad because my project will finish in september… and this is really sad. I wish I could go back in time so that I could live again all this experience.

Why is time flying so fast? I mean, it’s something that happens every year. The last year it really went fast for me, and there was a moment where I said to myself ‘it is impossible that  time can pass faster’, so in this point of view, it really relieved me. To think that life couldn’t pass faster was a really relieving feeling… But I was wrong… time can actually pass faster… and that’s depressing. DEPRESSING. DEPRESSING. DEPRESSING.

But that’s life. We are coming back to the normality step by step, we are already back in the office since two weeks ago already and I love being here again. Even though we are working less hours, it still feels good to be here again.  I love this office, I love the environment, it is amazing and we are always happy to have each other around… as we have such a good connection between us.

Every day, some of us, volunteers, come a little bit earlier and we clean everything alongside one of the members of the office before everything starts at 10:00. We are an amazing clean team.. we are really good at it. It feels good to feel like you’re saving lives and killing possible germs of COVID-19. We are really responsible and we can’t wait to have all our students back here as we are keeping only a few private lessons -always in 1m distance- with a few students. 

This is a random post, as all the posts I do, but I am sure you like them somehow… Life is weird and it’s too short to think too much about what will be our next step and about how we will do it… the point is to start and to keep on working for what you want unconditionally, without giving up.

I wish you a happy weekend, may the universe bring you peace and inner illumination 🙂

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Have you ever thought about how fast the time passes and about how time you spend trying to reach the goal you wanted? I mean, you want to do something, you start working for it, you start having problems for reach it, and then, you have spent 3 or 4 years trying to do something that still isn’t working. I mean, WTF? When you reach this goal is already too late or is just that it took so much time and you realize that you haven’t done or have lost many things during that process. The point on this is: is it really what is important for you in this life? Is it really what you needed to do? Is it really what your soul is telling you to do? Because if it is not, it’s not really worth it not only the effort, but THE TIME, the time that will never come back.

I have always found very funny those radical atheist, those who hate everything that is related to religion. Those atheist are the people that never lost anybody in a tragic way, those who believe that they will live long without any health problem. I hate them. I do really feel repugnance for them. You can be atheist or whatever you want to be, but do not insist to the others in what is or what there is not: the lack of respect, this is what I hate, the lack of empathy. Or maybe the excess of optimism? The believe that life is unconditionally beautiful? I hate them and I think that they are as dangerous as like the radical religious. I have been thinking about atheismhateeverythingcauseIwillneverdie atitude. Isn’t it one of the problems of nowadays? the lack of empathy? 

I have also learnt that we have to prioritise. We have to choose in this life because we can’t have it all: we can’t have it all because if we want to have it all what we should do is to sleep 6 hours and the spend the rest working like if there was no tomorrow. But what would it mean? It means that it would require to give up all the things life has to offer every day, moment by moment, forgetting about all the things that ‘we want’ so that we can enjoy and appreciate the things we have.

 More it’s never enough, get over it. Wanting more never ends and real life begins where you realize that you have much more than what you really need and you have the life that many people would like to have. So stop complaining and start appreciating. Hope the universe brings you all health and self-love during this week.

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your majesty Quarantine

Is it still 2020? Yes, it is. But feels like +10 years more. Seems as this year since January drops a monthly surprise for us… many people lost their lives, many people became unemployed, economy is going down, but… the Earth 🌏 ,our home, our planet is healing. After this, you might be thinking – who is really virus here? Maybe us – humans? 🤷 (P.S. ‘memes’ are found on the Internet © and photos are mine)

Well, we are living in the XXI century – thanks to our smart phones and computers some of us are able to be working from home and do video calls with our beloved ones. If someone was ignoring you or telling you that they are really busy, don’t have any free time and etc. – it’s a good chance to reach them out again, muahahhah *evil laugh*.

Anyway, I believe that many of us started to do some reconstruction or decoration works, cleaning our closets, trying on many different clothes, spending waaaaay too much time on Instagram or TikTok (new trend of 2020… there are any people out here who doesn’t have an TikTok account yet? 😆 )… well, if you will ever hear one of these songs around you – someone is dancing for TikTok: ; ; . You’re welcome or I’m sorry, if these sounds will stuck in your head. 🎶 🎶 🎶

Well, I have natural hair and nails, so I don’t feel a huge need to run to the ‘beauty saloons’ as soon, as they opened (but I feel a desire to cut my own bangs like in teenage years… 👱 ), also there is another side of my situation – during the lockdown I came back to my native country and I’m in isolation in a countryside with my parents – there is no shops or other amusement place next to us… But I can take a long walk with our dog around the village 🐕 . Furthermore, I started to destroy my own decoration in my room (which I made while being in a middle school), re-painting windows in the house, working in a garden (so happy to see that my sunflowers 🌻 started to grow up!) and of course – scrolling through my gallery, because I miss travelling so much. I found picture from Venice with a carnival mask on 🎭 and at that time I thought – I have never done a shopping with a mask – well, now we have to wear medical mask in a public place. 😷

I just wanted to share with you guys a few shots 📷 from Venice and Sardinia, in February of 2020. ☺️ and here are greetings from my village (last week we woke up with a “surprise snow” for one day ❄️ ) and from our puppy! 😍
Best wishes, Greta from Lithuania! 🇱🇹 🇱🇹 🇱🇹

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What have I learnt during those days of quarantine? PART 1.

Hi, how are you doing? How is your quarantine going? Hope you are doing fine and hope you are really enjoying those days of quarantine. Life is weird and it’s also curious to see how differently we are living this situation: some people are dying of boredom while others, people like me, are enjoying so much this ‘break’ in our crazy lives, lives that consist in never stopping. 

Have you thought about it? That you never stop? Or maybe yes…. but probably not enough, that’s why I think we all could think a little bit about what we want to do with our lives and specially who we truly are and what’s our real purpose in this live. I am going to talk a little bit about what are the things I have learnt during those amazing days of quarantine, days that have definitely changed me a lot, in the best of the senses. 

  1. I have learnt that being quiet without not a lot to do it’s the synonym of peace. Not for the fact of doing nothing ( in the lazy sense ) but with the sense that we didn’t have to think of ‘attending’ too many things in our day by day. Isn’t it life at his most pure state? Just doing slowly, with calm, choosing what we do or what we don’t do, because this is the point: even that we were closed at home, we could choose completely what we would do with our time there, and this is fantastic, isn’t it? Having time for yourself and for doing (or not ) the things you want it’s the most important point: that you can decide if to do or not to do it. 
  1.  I have learnt that despite my obsession with coffee I can’t keep on drinking it without measure cause I will end up getting tachycardia. 
  1. I have also learnt that even if you have time and even if you put a lot of efforts, you CAN’T be 10 hours studying even if you really want. Because you will end up fucking crazy and collapsed. It’s all about a process, it’s all about doing a little bit every day… DO NOT OBSESS with something because even if you have time for it, you will end up crazy of it… things take time, more than the time we would really like. And that’s fine, you have to come face to face to this.
  1. Last point – for today- but not for this least important: we have to be grateful for what we have, for being alive, for not having lost anyone we love or know from this virus. Are you conscious of it? Are you grateful to life…? When we realize we have more that what so many people dream of our lives become precious and our problems become shitty things we won’t care in one year….

So let’s keep it in mind: BE GRATEFUL AND LOVE LIFE AS IT IS…. without complaining and always grateful.

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My first teaching experience in Italian school

Ciao 🇮🇹 / hello 🇬🇧 / labas 🇱🇹 ! I haven’t share any new experiences for a while here… my colleague Ángel Jesús Jiménez de los Santos are more active in news reporting than me… 🔥 oh well 🤠 due to #covid-19 outbreak in many countries, all the world is under the lockdown (close enough to Springfield town from the “Simpsons movie”) and we are suspended from our normal daily activities too… But I am not going to talk about this “crowned virus” here – he is taken a looooot of attention for a few months already… everywhere. For this article I will go back couple months ago, to February, when I went to one of public schools in Faenza to teach kids about Baltic States 🇪🇪 🇱🇻 🇱🇹 .

Illustration was found on the Internet.

Actually, I had to have these lessons even earlier, but some kids from the class went to the mountains, next week I went on a short holidays, so I finally – I was the teacher on the romantic Friday 14th and ordinary Monday 17th of February (no, I wasn’t looking for an Italian Valentine in a middle school…). If you remember well, in November I was observing English lessons for two days in the same school – so, I would be able to know their level (even tho, my native language isn’t English too, probably, you have notice it). I prepared all the material for the 3 lessons: PowerPoint presentation about 3 countries (with many pictures, so it would be more easy for kids to understand), a list with keywords translated to Italian, classwork’ exercises and homework. I have to mention, that the kids were from “scuola media 2nd grade”. Unfortunately, from my own experience I can say that many people doesn’t know these countries (no matter in which part of the world I was asked the question: where you from?) … It hurts even more when someone says “oh, it’s Russia!”. NO, it’s not Russia. Let me ask you – in which century are you living? 🤦‍♀️ Anyway, I really hope that those kids from my lessons are going to remember something, at least some specific meals or where we are located.

Even though, I showed two different maps from the beginning and later another map with each country and I started my lessons from the North (Estonia) going to the South (Lithuania) – half of the kids couldn’t identify all 3 Baltic States correctly in the empty map… 🙍 at least, all of them chose the right area, near the Baltic Sea. 😁 No matter how you are trying, how much effort you are putting, it’s quiet hard to keep almost 30 kids’ attention, yes? There is always one or two little “bad asses” who will distracting the whole class, probably – this is the reason number.1 which is keeping me away from the teachers job. But I was really happy that some kids were asking various questions and looked really interested 🙋 – my work paid off anyway. 🤗 In total, I showed more than 70 slides of “a little bit of everything”: location, language, currency, landscape & nature, climate, touristic & UNESCO objects, typical food and etc. For some other things – they have the geography book 😏.

Overall, it was funny experience from the first minutes: I came to the school and I told one lady (who works there) that I have an appointment with geography teacher Mrs. X (privacy thing 😶 ). She asked me: “are you someone’s mother?” … Well… Not yet… ahhahaha. Probably, if you are not one of the parents – there is no point for you to go to the school… 🤣 Anyway, I told her: “no, we will be working together in the lessons” , but deep inside I was a little bit confused about the fact that I might looked as a mother … I am still a kid (in my heart, at least…)! 😨 another funny thing happened the next lesson: teacher uploaded all my lessons’ material for the students into their e.system, but she didn’t press the “share” button, so… the kids had a theoretical reason why they didn’t do their homework… 🤷🏻 ok, let it be. Also, it’s quiet funny how the kids are running to the front just to see the answer! At one moment I said:ragazzi, in this slide you can find the answer to the question number 10.” One girl asked me if it’s allowed to come closer to the blackboard? Of course, please. So… half of the class like a puppies started to run 🏃 🏃‍♀️ In the end, I quiet enjoyed all this experience, I am glad if I am able to teach anything to anyone and I would repeat it again 🏫 📖 💻

A presto! 🤗 Greta, Lithuania. 🇱🇹

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Ciao Marzo, sei stato un mese davvero strano ma che ci hai datto una grande lezione di vita: ci hai fatto vedere quello che è veramente importante.

Ciao a tutti, come state? Sono le 10:24 del 30 marzo 2020 e sono qui a Faenza, facendo quello che faccio sempre dopo un mese: studiare italiano, leggere e pensare a cosa potrò fare con il mio progetto quando saremo tornati alla normalità, dopo tutto questo coronavirus se ne sia andato per sempre. 

A volte penso che questo rimandrà più tempo di ciò che dicono i mezzi di comunicazione e che avremo coronavirus fino l’estate e che non potremo tornare ai nostri progetti D: e questo mi fa sentire un po’ triste, visto che ho l’impressione che sto perdendo da fare una cosa che mi piace quindi che no sto ‘godendo’ di questa opportunità al 100%. 

Mi dispiace abbastanza, e mi domando perchè non è successo questo dei coronavirus quando ero all’università facendo 6 ore di lezione al giorni e pasando 3 ore per giorni al treno. Mi sarebbe piaciuto fare lezione online da casa, in pigiama, senza preoccuparmi si il mio prof se ne accorgeva del mio stanchamento dovuto alla manca di sogno e riposo dovuto anche al bisogno ( o dovere ) di svegliarmi alle 5:30 della mattina per prendere il treno alle 6 per essere alla università alle 8. Mi sarebbe piaciuto fare lezione così e mi sarebbe piaciuto ancora di più poter fare il mio progetto in PiGreco apprendimento al 100%. Ma questo corona è arrivato e ci a dato fastidio e lui vuole rimanere qui fino chissá quando… 

Ma non voglio ‘piangere’, non voglio lamentarmi. Non ho il diritto di lamentarmi perchè io ho della salute e sono in buone condizione fisiche… ma purtroppo non è lo stesso per tante persone che stanno soffrendo. Questo è quello che mi dispiace di più: il soffrimento degli altri, il suo dolore, lo stress, la morte in condizione lamentabile e penose… Anche per il personale sanitario, mi sento veramente male per loro, per come de frustrati devono sentirsi: avere due mani e potere aiutare soltanto a un certo numero limitati de persone, non potere fare di più, dovere scegliere a chi aiutare e a chi no. Questo è veramente brutto e mi rende triste… per questa ragione non posso né voglio lamentarmi. Sono fortunato malgrado tutto. 

Per quanto riguarda al mio ‘smart work’ ( quello che facciamo a casa duranti questi giorno, al posto di essere nella Doposcuola ) quello che ho fatto soprattutto ha stato pensare alle attività che farò con i bambini quando tutto questo sia finito. Ma onestamente, questo no mi prende davvero tanto tempo, soprattutto perchè sono una persona molto risolutiva e posso pensare a qualcosa veramente figa in poco tempo, quindi anche si non so esattamente come lo farò, so che alla fine sarà una bella attività.

 Anche mi hanno chiesto di pensare a quelle attività dell’estate: voglio fare un gioco di dialoghi in spagnolo o inglese con personaggi dei cartoni che loro conoscano ( non quelli della mia generazione… sto diventando già un po’ obsoleto :’) ) e fargli riprodurre delle scene finché alla fine possano imparare qualcosa di tutti quelli dialoghi ma voglio fargli fare senza che ci siano degli stereotipi di generi quindi forse i ragazzi si dovranno mascherare de principesse e le ragazze di re del regno o di cavaliere. 

 L’educazione non è soltanto quella dei libri, ma anche quella che ci fa pensare e ci fa diventare più tolleranti ( cosa ogni volta più necessaria in questo mondo dove i politici riassemblano avere ogni volta i cervelli più stretti con delle mentalità del secolo XIV ).

In conclusione posso dire che mi mancano i miei bambini, ma perché mentire? anche mi piace un sacco essere a casa studiando italiano come un disperato e sento che sto facendo anche quello che sono venuto fare qui a Italia: imparare le lingua… che ci sta di parlare ma non è abbastanza,  c’è una parte teorica e grammaticale che devo fare da solo, con i libri… e che migliore occasione che questa?

Vi saluto a tutti 

amore e best regards  🙂 

Ángel Jesús Jiménez de los Santos

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CORONAVIRUS: if you need to go outside it would be smart to have one of this printed in your pocket… you never know…

I, undersigned _____ born in ____ on the ____ living in ___ street ____ ID document ____ nr.of ID document _____, released on the _____,  telephonic contact ____, aware of the penal consequences foreseen in case of mendacious declaration at the public official (art 495 c.p. ).


  • To be aware of the size of the containment of the infection in which in the arranged combined of the art.1 of Decreto del Presidente del Consiglio dei Ministri 8 of march of 2020 and the art.1, clause 1, of the Decreto del Presidente del Consiglio dei Ministri of the 9 of march of 2020 concerned the physic  relocation of the people in the whole country;
  • to do not be exposed at the measurement of the quarantine and to not be positive at the virus COVID-19 in which in the article 1, letter c); of the Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers of the 8 of march of 2020.
  • To be aware of the expected penalty, of the combination change of the article 3 clause 4, of the D.L. 23 of February 2020, n.6 and of the article 4, clause 2, of the  of the Decreto del Presidente del Consiglio dei Ministri of the 8 of march 2020 in case of unconformity of the predicted measures of containment ( art. 650 c.p. uncless that the fact non sia qualcosa bigger crime) ; 

than the relocation it’s determined for :

O  Proved working needs.

O  Situations of need;

O  Health reasons;

O Coming back at the domicile, room or residence.

 I declare than:



Dare, time and place of the control


Signature of the declarant 

                                                           The Police Operator